A Legacy of “Good People Doing Great Things” Continues

John Biddiscombe elected Chairman of the CFMC Board of Directors

John Biddiscombe set an example of organizational excellence during his tenure as Director of Athletics at Wesleyan University. He is now steering the Community Foundation’s Board of Directors with that same standard. news_biddiscombeElected Chair at the Community Foundation’s annual meeting, John is no stranger to the work of the Community Foundation and has been a member of the Board since 2006. He served as the Grants Committee Chair for four years, overseeing the rigorous process of evaluating the Community Foundation’s competitive grants applications. He also served as Vice Chairman of the Executive Committee.

The Community Foundation is grateful for John’s dedication and commitment. We know that under his leadership and with his passion for helping the community grow and prosper, 2013 will be a remarkable year of “Helping Good People Do Great Things.”


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