Safe Squad Setting A Higher Standard

Students Stand United in the “No Bully Zone” NO BULLY ZONE
In the fall of 2009 Middletown’s Keigwin School launched “Safe Squad,” a “No Bully Zone” initiative of the Middlesex County Community Foundation’s Council of Business Partners in partnership with Rushford Center.

Nikki Belton, Student Assistant Counselor, and a group of students, representing those who were on both the giving and receiving end of bullying, developed multiple projects to raise awareness on the impact bullying has on everyone. They also created the following mission statement:

Safe Squad is dedicated to leading our fellow classmates in creating a safe environment at our school. We work together to bring awareness about bullying and we strive to bring understanding and acceptance of the differences that we all possess.


On March 17, 2010 the students provided an update to members of MCCF’s Council of Business Partners, Middletown Superintendent Michael Frechette, and Sheryl Sprague, Rushford Center. The students were enthusiastic about their accomplishments and shared many examples of the types of bullying that occur in and out of school. They described some of the projects they have implemented to address bullying at Keigwin:

  • Distributed and analyzed a survey about bullying;
  • Implemented a series of “theme days” during No Name Calling Week, such as “Put a Cap on Name Calling” (wearing hats) and “No Name Calling No Sweat” (wearing sweats);
  • Made morning announcements with poems, short stories and positive messages over the P.A. system.

The plan doesn’t stop here, though. The “No Bully Zone” includes promoting a positive school climate and focusing on student led activities which take a united stand against bullying. In addition program advisors are creating a “train the trainer” segment which includes curriculum, sample policies, state regulations, and suggestions for implementing similar programs at other schools.


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The students were adamant about trying to find ways to bring the program to all schools, starting with Woodrow Wilson Middle School in the fall. Superintendent Frechette echoed their hope. “This has been a very useful tool at Keigwin this year and we are pleased with Safe Squad’s accomplishments. The program directly correlates to the District Plan, which specifically addresses creating a Caring and Compassionate environment in the Middletown Schools.”

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