You Make Great Things Happen in Middlesex County

CFMC Leadership Society

President’s Society – Chairman’s Circle – Community Benefactors2014 Pres Society

It’s the little things that matter. Sometimes those “little things” remain invisible, or just taken for granted. So we send a hearty “Thank you” to the Community Foundation’s Leadership Society for supporting those little things that matter; for making an investment in CFMC to help us:

  • Improve our work with donors and nonprofits
  • Plan our work and evaluate our grants’ effectiveness
  • Build a better website to tell the many success stories of our region’s nonprofits
  • Sit with donors and listen to their dreams, their passions and then put their ideas and funds to work in the community through grants to the nonprofits in Middlesex County.

Without you, so much wouldn’t get done – as corny as that sounds, it is true, or as Dave Preston puts it – “Our Boat Wouldn’t Float.”

Leadership 1 - Sharon and Bill Griffin
Sharon and Bill Griffin, hosts of the 2014 Leadership Society Luncheon

“When you join the Leadership Circle, it shows that you believe in what is behind the work – you believe in the people it takes to make things happen. When you support our efforts, you are a true partner in everything that the Community Foundation does in Middlesex County.” – Sharon Griffin, Leadership Society member since 2006

Just remember that for every nonprofit consultation, for every donor meeting, for every grant that goes out into the community – Leadership Society members make that happen.

So we say Thank You. We want you to know that your support is very important to not just CFMC, but also to the nonprofits we partner with and TOGETHER we’ve made a difference. You, our members of the CFMC Leadership Society – the President’s Society, the Chairman’s Circle, and the Community Benefactors – truly are our Partners in Giving. Your support of CFMC helps CFMC find ways to make great things happen every day in Middlesex County.

What does your support do? Just look at what you have helped us accomplish in 2014 alone.

  • CFMC staff provided more than 350 hours of one-on-one consulting with nonprofit organizations serving Middlesex County.
  • Eleven (11) new funds were established to give back now and forever.
  • CFMC set new levels of grant making and working with donors and our grants committees to award 202 grants totaling $656,848.
  • CFMC’s investment in Middlesex County since 1997 reached more than $4 million through 1,295 grants.
  • Eighty-one (81) individuals have informed the Community Foundation of a planned gift.
  • CFMC’s pooled assets are at $12.3 million – more than three times what it was when the Leadership Society was established in 2006.

Since 2006, you and your colleagues, the CFMC Leadership Society, have invested more than dollars in our work, in our mission. Each in your own way has invested your trust and your confidence in CFMC. Thank you for investing in CFMC, enabling us to play a part in leveraging resources to solve problems.

Great things are possible and are happening throughout Middlesex County. Thanks to you. We are making an impact – together – in every one of our fifteen towns. So we say Thank You, thank you for being ambassadors, champions, and true partners in philanthropy.


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