A Season of Giving Thanks

During this season of giving thanks, we are reminded on a daily basis of the numerous good things that are being done by so many to improve the quality of life for all in our communities.  We are grateful for our neighbors and friends who are giving of their time, their talent, and resources to support a passion or area of interest that is important to them. Here at the Community Foundation of Middlesex County, we are dedicated to providing the leadership to help facilitate the process. We are here to help you connect your passion to your giving.  We believe that everyone can be a philanthropist and know that even the smallest gift when given in a spirit of generosity and combined with gifts from other neighbors, can have a big impact.

How does the Community Foundation work?

People often ask, “What is the Community Foundation and how does it work?”  For us, the answer is simple; If it matters to you, it matters to us. It starts with our donors, the many individuals, businesses, private foundations and charitable organizations that are committed to supporting community services and initiatives. With their gifts of cash, securities, real assets, retirement funds, insurance or bequests, with the belief that no gift is too small, we create and build community funds to support the arts, education, the environment, human services, human and animal welfare, programs for women and girls, programs for at risk boys and young men, and heritage enhancement. While there are several fund types, all are governed with an agreement between the donor and CFMC. Distributions from the funds fulfill our donors’ charitable passions through grants to nonprofit organizations. For nearly eighteen years, we have partnered with you and pooled your gifts with those of your friends and neighbors for the benefit all in our community.

How can you make a difference?

There are many ways to give back to the community that has given so much to us. Volunteering your time and talents to a local school, library, or other nonprofit organization is one way. Visiting a local museum or park, giving food to a community pantry, or making a donation or pledge to an organization that needs your help, are other ways you can make a difference.

Consider supporting a youth service bureau or bullying prevention program; your town’s historical society; a community garden or open space initiative; a community-based arts and education organization; community centers such as libraries and senior centers; or donating $1 a day to the entire community through the 365 Fund.  The possibilities are endless. To learn more or do more, start at the Community Foundation.   Drop us an email at info@MiddlesexCountyCF.org, leave us a comment on our Facebook page, or give us a call at (860) 347-0025 to let us know how we can help you do great things. We hope we have sparked some ideas of how you might become a philanthropist in your own neighborhood and thank you for supporting our communities, our neighbors and our friends.

This article was previously published in November, 2015,  in both the Valley Courier and the Harbor News.

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