The Season to Celebrate Community Giving

At the Community Foundation of Middlesex County, we know that everyone is a philanthropist – we see it every day in its most pure and simple form in each and every town throughout the county. We also know that philanthropy is easy – all it takes is connecting you and your unique passion to the community in which you live, work, and play. It’s that simple, and the Community Foundation is here to help connect those dots.

We work with YOU, individuals, businesses, and organizations who all share the same desire to help our local area thrive. We listen and find ways to support the organizations and resources you care about…right in your own backyard. By pooling your gifts with those of your neighbors, and investing those funds to make grants to nonprofit organizations, even the smallest gift can have big impact today, and forever. The arts, education, the environment, heritage enhancement, human services, human and animal welfare, programs for women and girls, and programs for at risk boys and young men are just some of the areas of interest where you can lend support.

If your interests are varied and you enjoy participating in the grant giving process, consider donating $1 a day through the 365 Fund. The 365 Fund allows you to leverage your dollars with others, and engage in philanthropy with your peers. You are encouraged to attend events to network with one another, and to share and learn about issues, programs, and organizations directly affecting our communities. You also have a vote on specific annual grant making programs and are asked to help grow the initiative by telling others, sending e-mails, and hosting get-togethers. The larger the Fund, the greater the impact…a group of 10 people donating $1 a day creates $3,650; a group of 100 creates $36,500. As the group grows so, too, does the Fund and its impact, and so much can be accomplished.

There are many other ways to be a philanthropist in your community. Volunteering your time and talents to a school, library, or other nonprofit organization is one way. Visiting a local museum or park, giving food to a community pantry, or making a donation or pledge to an organization that needs your help, all make a difference. Consider supporting a youth service bureau or a bullying prevention program; get involved with your town’s historical society; or lend a hand at a community garden or open space initiative, an arts and education organization, or a senior center. The possibilities are endless.

 During this season, and throughout the year, we celebrate all of our neighbors and friends who give back to our local communities to improve the quality of life for all us. We also hope we have sparked some ideas of how you might become a philanthropist in your own neighborhood. To learn more or do more, give us a call at (860) 347-0025, drop us an email at, or leave us a comment on our Facebook page. We love to hear more about what matters to you.


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