Welcome Ferdinand Quayson

We are honored and humbled to have participated in Wesleyan University’s Board Intern Program since its inception. The program offers students and selected nonprofits to partner and share expertise, talents, and skills all for the benefit of Middlesex County. The Community Foundation of Middlesex County is thrilled to welcome our 2017-2018 intern, Ferdinand Quayson. As you will read, he has accomplished so much in such a short period of time.

Ferdinand is a sophomore at Wesleyan University with a keen interest in youth development. He grew up as an orphan and spent most of his childhood on the streets of Accra, Ghana. Despite the lack of support, Ferdinand graduated top of his class and produced the best grade in his high school’s history in the West African Secondary School Certificate Examination (WASSCE). He spent four years after high school struggling to further his education. During this time, he worked with several NGOs such as the Ghana Volunteer Project, Rising Stars of Africa, Ghana, and Compassion International to provide education for students from impoverished backgrounds.

In 2016, Ferdinand gained a full scholarship to Wesleyan University where he plans to major in economics and African Studies. He currently serves as the 2020 Class Council President. He is also a board member for Wesleyan Green Fund and the Wesleyan Association of Men of Color. Outside Wesleyan, Ferdinand also volunteers for the Middletown Refugee Resettlement Coalition.

In the summer of 2017, Ferdinand was selected by Junior Achievement Nigeria to help train Nigerian youth in work readiness, financial literacy, and entrepreneurship. He also founded Young Achievers Foundation Ghana, a student-run initiative which works to create access to higher education for disadvantaged students in Northern Ghana through scholarship workshops and innovative in-school mentorship programs.

Ferdinand hopes to eliminate the notion that access to higher education is a privilege reserved for the rich. He aims to use his experience and exposure to help address the issues of education disparity and youth development in Ghana.

When not busy in school or engaged in his project, Ferdinand spends his time watching documentary and history channels. He also enjoys playing soccer occasionally with his friends.

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