A Round of Applause

For Great People Doing Great Things!

At the Community Foundation of Middlesex County, we only know great people – those who are always lending a hand and helping our friends and neighbors. Each day we are reminded of how remarkably lucky we are to live, work, and play in this great community.

Then there are the “extraordinary” days, when so many good things begin to happen one right after the other, that we just have to stop and say Thank You and help share the “good.”

Here is the story of just such a day …

The first item to come to our attention: enter a special friend of CFMC, who, concerned about the impact of the government shutdown on the Coast Guard, emailed the following message to friends:

“Hey guys. A thought. There are over 40 full time Coast Guard duty officers sitting on station in New London, watching over everyone, without pay. Can you help

 us get a big sandwich basket together for a lunch there tomorrow?”

By the time we replied, 10 minutes or so later, our friend had reached out to

  • Mystic Market in Old Saybrook,
  • Coffee’s Country Market in Old Lyme, and
  • The Essex / El Charros in Centerbrook.

He emailed back to say that these great local businesses pulled together enough food for 75 – all courtesy of the businesses. He collected everything and delivered it that same day.

The second item to come to our attention: Up pops a social media notification that we’ve been tagged in a post … and a big high-five to our friends at the Incarnation Center in Ivoryton for doing so!

They are opening their doors and setting a place at the table for local federal employees and their families during the January 18th weekend. What a way to embrace our community in its time of need! So we are forwarding their message to the community:

“We believe in supporting and helping our community. If you are a furloughed federal employee, please know that you and your family are welcome to join us as our guest at any of our retreat center meals this weekend. Please call ahead to reserve your spot.”


for our special friend, Mystic Market in Old Saybrook, Coffee’s Country Market in Old Lyme, The Essex/El Charros in Centerbrook, and the Incarnation Center in Ivoryton who are all “Great People Doing Great Things.”

To the Coast Guard and all our military who are “Extraordinary People Doing Extraordinary Things,” THANK YOU for your service!

The Community Foundation is working with our partners and service providers to find more ways to support our neighbors in need during the federal government shutdown. We will share resources and opportunities as we learn more.

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