Reflections on an internship – Hanna Ohaus

The Community Foundation of Middlesex County was thrilled to welcome Hanna Ohaus during the summer of 2019. Hanna spent the summer helping us in the office – and she always did it with a big smile and a “no problem!” Hanna is truly AMAZING! Whatever we asked her to do – from printing and copying to emailing grantees and donors to developing and designing materials, she did the job with enthusiasm and professionalism.

We asked Hanna to give her reflections on her summer at CFMC … and how it ties in with her future aspirations.

“As a student majoring in Peace Studies, interning at CFMC has been a wonderful opportunity that has introduced me to one of the crucial parts of the peacebuilding field – nonprofit work. Prior to this summer I have spent three years studying the ways different people and organizations work to make a difference in the world. It was only until this summer through CFMC that I was able to see firsthand all that goes into running a successful nonprofit. By helping out with a wide range of tasks I learned that there are many different aspects to what happens day to day – all of which are important to produce the amazing results CFMC has had in the community I grew up in.

After moving across the country for college and spending the majority of my time in California studying international efforts that work to help others, it has been nice to come back to where I grew up and to see how local endeavors are equally important and how they are executed. I have gained in depth knowledge on processes involved with working and communicating with both donors and local nonprofits.

My summer at CFMC has helped ease the inevitable fear that comes with thinking about postgraduate life as a rising college senior by providing me with experience, as well as an inside look into the nonprofit world.”

We wish Hanna all the best in her senior year at college – and look forward to the incredibly amazing things she will do in the future.

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