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Investing in Youth and the Trades Journey

At CFMC, we only know “Good People Who Do Great Things.” We love hearing about people’s varied interests, passions, and backgrounds. They inspire us with their desire to help – to give back – and to “pay it forward.” Case in point: Beth Clark, John Saunders, William Weed, and Valerie Wyzykowski, of the Valley Regional High School (VRHS) Class of 1982. They all treasure the experiences and opportunities VRHS gave them and wanted to say “Thank You” in a way that would be meaningful. The alumni decided to assist students seeking a path that might not necessarily include college and…

Buddy Benches Abound

The Community Foundation’s Council of Business Partners Buddy Bench project, in partnership with Rushford, a Hartford Healthcare Partner, continues to grow and share benches throughout Middlesex County. The Council of Business Partners’ original idea of a buddy bench on every school playground has attracted lots of attention in Middlesex County, and people are coming to us with new ideas of places where benches would encourage our friends and neighbors to take a few moments to sit, relax, and enjoy conversation. Recently CFMC’s Council of Business Partners and Rushford placed three more benches – at the Giving Garden of Durham Middlefield,…

A Round of Applause

For Great People Doing Great Things! At the Community Foundation of Middlesex County, we only know great people – those who are always lending a hand and helping our friends and neighbors. Each day we are reminded of how remarkably lucky we are to live, work, and play in this great community. Then there are the “extraordinary” days, when so many good things begin to happen one right after the other, that we just have to stop and say Thank You and help share the “good.” Here is the story of just such a day … The first item to come…

Buddy Bench Fun at Center School, East Hampton

Sarah Cody, WTNH, joined the Community Foundation of Middlesex County’s Council of Business Partners Fund and Rushford Academy at Center School in East Hampton for a very special presentation – a new Buddy Bench for the playground! See all the fun HERE – and read Sarah’s story about the Buddy Bench project at the Community Foundation of Middlesex County in partnership with Rushford Academy.

Buddying Up for Positive Change in Essex

Community Foundation of Middlesex County Supports Social Inclusion Youth Project   The “Buddy Bench” is a simple idea to eliminate loneliness and foster friendship on the playground. Representatives from the Community Foundation of Middlesex County and Rushford Academy  recently joined students, teachers and parents at Essex Elementary School for a very special ribbon cutting ceremony. The Community Foundation’s Council of Business Partners Fund presented a Buddy Bench for the school’s labyrinth site, an initiative to create an outdoor space of community and inclusion. The wooden bench, with the words “Buddy Bench” spelled out in bright-colored letters, was built by at-risk…

Life-Saving Equipment for Our Four-Footed Friends

The Animals: Respect and Friendship (ARF!) Fund took the lead from a family in Chester and decided to help get a special piece of equipment in the hands of every fire department in Middlesex County. The ARF! Fund Committee set a goal in the fall of 2017 to raise awareness about the dangers of smoke inhalation to our “furry” friends and to equip our local fire departments with the tools necessary to rescue anyone and any animal they may come across in a fire. The ARF! Fund Committee has purchased a special oxygen mask kit which is designed to fit…

When a Grant Becomes Something More

Finding Strength and Gratitude Through Art A Gift from Maria Louise A grant from the Sari A. Rosenbaum Fund for Women and Girls made it possible for Maria to have an artist mentor her as she explored her own talents and gifts. For her final project, she chose to paint a portrait of Community Foundation and Fund for Women & Girls founder, Sari Rosenbaum, from a photo we provided. The portrait captures Sari’s spirit, strength and kindness, and it is displayed proudly in our office. Maria gave permission to share her story and for that we are extremely grateful. (Note…

With Your Help, We’ve Made a Difference

A Coat, A Hat and Gloves It’s hard to imagine not having a warm pair of boots or a winter coat that fits, but for many children in our communities this is the challenge they face each winter. For more than 20 years, volunteers and donors have been working through the Kiwanis Club of Middletown to provide something simple that we each may take for granted – winter clothing. A coat, a pair of gloves, a pair of boots – even socks.

A Legacy Creates Educational Opportunities – William and Mary Tomc Memorial Fund

Like so many of their generation, Rich Tomc’s parents were born to immigrants. They were raised in a close-knit, working class neighborhood. The parish church was the heart of the community, and the families in those neighborhoods recognized the importance of family, hard work, and education.

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