Confidentiality Policy Form for Special Purposes

Confidentiality and Anonymity Policy for Special Purposes

to be submitted annually by volunteers and consultants of the Community Foundation of Middlesex County who are working on special calls to action or other events where confidential information may be used.

In accordance with the guidelines and requirements of the Community Foundation of Middlesex County’s accreditation through the National Standards of Community Foundations, all board members, committee members, employees, volunteers, and consultants are required annually to review and sign/submit a written acknowledgement of the Confidentiality and Anonymity Policy.

Confidentiality and Anonymity Policy

Through the course of service in the capacity as the board of directors, committee members, staff, consultants and volunteers of the Community Foundation, individuals will have access to and become acquainted with information of a confidential, sensitive and/or proprietary nature. The protection of confidential, sensitive, and proprietary information is of utmost importance to the continued viability and success of the Community Foundation. The information may pertain to present or future clients of the Foundation, Foundation contributors, volunteers, business associates or past or current employees. No member of the Foundation will provide any information in response to a subpoena or other form of request without consulting legal counsel to the Foundation. All other requests for or releases of information concerning a donor will be honored and allowed only if permission is obtained from the donor prior to the release of such information.

Documents containing confidential and proprietary information which are made available to board and committee members in hard copy and through any electronic transmission, including the Foundation’s Board and Committee Portal are protected under this policy. Board and Committee members agree to restrict access to such hard copy documents and electronic transmissions, including access to the Board and Committee Portal, to themselves and/or a Foundation approved representative.

It is the Community Foundation’s policy not to release, sell or license any information in its database without a donor’s consent. A donor’s expressed wishes for public anonymity will be respected. Internally, only those individuals with a need to know for legal, processing or other substantive reasons will know the donor’s name or details of the gift.

The Community Foundation has the fundamental responsibility for the maintenance and protection of such information. Members of the Foundation are charged with taking adequate steps to safeguard such information and to insure that the information is not used in any manner that is unauthorized, or that is detrimental to the best interests of the Foundation or its clients. Members shall not disclose or otherwise utilize the above-referenced information for any purpose outside the scope of their service at the Community Foundation.

The Community Foundation respects the privacy rights of its employees, both past and current, and maintains its personnel matters and records in the strictest of confidence. While in their capacity at the Community Foundation, members may have access to or become acquainted with information concerning past and current Foundation employees, personnel matters, salary and pay scale information. Such information shall not be communicated, disclosed or otherwise utilized for any unauthorized purpose, whether such information was gained within or outside the scope of the service at the Community Foundation.

Anyone receiving inquiries or requests for information concerning past or current Foundation employees, personnel matters or records, or information concerning Foundation salaries or pay scales shall immediately notify the President/CEO.

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