Days Of Giving

Philanthropy Pure and Simple

Philanthropy: Pure and Simple

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We know that everyone is a philanthropist – we see it every day, right here, in the fifteen towns of Middlesex County.

Philanthropy is easy. All it takes is connecting you and your unique passion to the community, to the endless possibilities right in our backyard.

It’s that simple.

The Community Foundation is here to help you make those connections.

As we enter the season of thankfulness, the Community Foundation of Middlesex County is celebrating 15 Days of Giving. Each day we will highlight one area of interest or community cause that matters to you. Why fifteen? Because we are fifteen towns in one community –Middlesex County. We share the same needs, issues, and interests, and together, we are working to ensure Middlesex County is the best place to call home.

Of course, the possibilities are endless. So we’d like to hear from you. What issues are at the forefront of your community? What moves you to make your community better, brighter, stronger – every day?

Join in the fun, the good, the great during this season of giving:

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