Day 13: Volunteers


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Lending a hand … or even just an hour of your time helps more than you know.

Ever consider stocking food pantry shelves? Maybe you prefer designing costumes and stage sets for children’s theater? Or possibly you like to help others grasp the nuances of computers and mobile phones in our technological age? The possibilities are endless!  For the volunteer, it provides great rewards – deep satisfaction of contributing to our community, the joy of supporting neighbors, the comfort of doing our part.Charitable Organizations

There is so much more to be done – and thanks to you, our nonprofits are doing just that. You help stuff envelopes, sign letters, lead nature hikes, dig garden rows, and feed animals … and your efforts are so appreciated.

Have some time to give? Wondering where to lend a hand? Every nonprofit in our community has a place for you – and an appreciation for the time you give to a board, a committee, a program, or service. So reach out – let your favorite nonprofit know you have time to give, skills to share. We know they appreciate all you do to help our community.

We are truly honored to work with good people doing great things every day. Our nonprofit community is blessed to have so many people who want to give back in some small way, and they offer their talents, their knowledge, their skills, and their time to make a great impact in all of our lives.

So … on behalf of all of us … thank you! Thank you for caring, for sharing, for volunteering. You are truly Good People Doing Great Things in Middlesex County.

There are many ways to give back to our community.

Visit the Community Foundation of Middlesex County’s 15 Days of Giving for ideas of giving that matter to you. We hope you’ll be an ambassador for philanthropy in Middlesex County. Use #CFMC15Days and help us spread the word.

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