Day 6: Animal / Human Welfare and Services


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Companionship on four feet, two wings, and a fin

Whether you are a dog lover, a cat aficionado, or a horse whisperer, you know that animals and humans have a very Human.Animal Welfarespecial connection. Hundreds of volunteers give thousands of hours every week, providing safe havens and services to our animal friends as well as their neighbors.

Maybe you are looking for a pet, or you are providing therapy services with animals at local organizations, or you give your time to muck stalls at a local farm. Whatever your connection to animals, you give yourself a lift. Animals not only offer unconditional love, they also give us a sense of purpose.

Middlesex County is home to many organizations that care for the animals, and they can always use your help. Consider donating pet carriers, food, or volunteer hours to a local rescue organization.

We have wonderful organizations working right here in Middlesex County to support, rehabilitate, and house animals, birds, and creatures of all kinds. Here are just a few animal welfare nonprofits helping to our community safer and happier for our furry and feathered friends – visit them today:

A Place Called Hope, Cat Tales, Bear’s Pet Food Pantry, Forgotten Felines, Valley Shore Animal Welfare League, and Ray of Light Farm

You can help us make an positive impact on animal welfare and therapeutic organizations – consider a gift to the Animals: Respect and Friendship (ARF!) Fund

The newest initiative of the ARF! Fund – supplying our local fire departments and EMS units with special oxygen mask kits for our four-footed friends. Read more about the ARF! Fund visits to local departments HERE

There are many ways to give back to our community.

Visit the Community Foundation of Middlesex County’s 15 Days of Giving for ideas that matter to you. We hope you’ll be an ambassador for philanthropy in Middlesex County. Use #CFMC15Days and help us spread the word.

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