Day 1: Thank You for Being a Philanthropist


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It’s Simple

CT Humanities Book Voyagers program brought a host of super heroes to Middletown thanks to your support through a CFMC grant.

You are making a difference every day, and we celebrate you!

Whether you are a donor or a volunteer, no matter how much you give or what causes you support, you impact your community.

Thank You! We know you are Good People Doing Great Things and we want to help you do more.

The possibilities are endless and your ideas energize us! Listening to what matters to you and finding ways to put your passion into action and create impact where we live, work, and play just “makes our day.”

There are so many represented throughout the website in Fund stories, news stories, the annual report, the grants programs, and so much more. But we would like to share just a few fabulous ideas, campaigns, and people with you … to get your thinking of how you join your friends and neighbors and make an impact every day in Middlesex County.

So take a moment and see firsthand how YOU have enriched us all!

Hot off the presses and ready to share great stories and incredible impact with YOU! Take a moment to check out our Community Report and see how you and your neighbors are making a

positive impact today – and creating an incredible legacy for tomorrow!

What’s in the orange bag? Read all about our Animals: Respect & Friendship Fund road trips … and then tell us when you’d like us to visit your local fire department for a special gift presentation!

What’s so special about a bench? Thanks to the Council of Business Partners Fund, elementary schools throughout Middlesex County are learning that a bench can actually be a positive tool for a healthy school!

Have a passion – an interest – a desire to make a difference in your community? Meet some incredible people who are doing just that … and let us know if you have an idea you want to see go to work in Middlesex County!

Passionate about providing our young people with opportunities to grow and thrive

Hanna & Gerhard Krauland Youth Enhancement Fund

Did you know some of the hardest working, most efficient, and most cost-effective officers on the beat are “man’s best friends”?

Middletown Police Department K-9 Fund

Through her writing, she gave life and voice to Middletown and shared her abiding and deep love of the community she called home.

Susan D. E. Allison Fund

Take a look through our Fund Catalog to see even more ways “Good People Do Great Things” in Middlesex County – and contact us with your great idea. You know Philanthropy Matters. Philanthropy Works.

There are many ways to give back to our community.

Visit the Community Foundation of Middlesex County’s 15 Days of Giving for ideas that matter to you. We hope you’ll be an ambassador for philanthropy in Middlesex County. Use #CFMC15Days and help us spread the word.

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