Improving and Enhancing the Community

Grants are the primary means by which our Community Foundation improves and enhances the community. Proceeds for grants come from restricted and unrestricted endowments and donations from charitably-minded organizations and individuals. The Community Foundation provides its expertise and objectivity in determining the most beneficial use for funds available for grant making. All grants are approved by the Community Foundation’s Board of Directors.

While our website is our main vehicle for communicating grant information, nonprofit organizations serving Middlesex County are encouraged to provide us with current contact information.

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Competitive Grants

A community foundation improves the quality of life for the people in its area by making grants that address community needs. Grants can be Designated, Donor Advised or Competitive. Below you will find general information on the Community Foundation’s competitive grants, which are determined by the Grants Committee and recommended to the Foundation’s Board of Directors, which must approve all grants. See Types of Funds for more information on grants from designated or donor advised funds.

More About Grants

Grant Program Grant Guidelines

Funding for Competitive Grants

Funding for competitive grants comes from several sources:


Our growing endowment is beginning to yield substantial income and will in the future be our most important source for grant making. Income from endowed Funds is allocated to the purpose determined by the donor. Funds can be unrestricted or restricted to a specific geographic or field of interest for competitive grant making. See Types of Funds for more information.

Funding Partners

Organizations that are funding partners with the Foundation provide money for a specific purpose. Connecticut Humanities, for example, provides funding for heritage enhancement and humanities grants. The River View Cemetery in Essex provides funding for programs and services in Lower Middlesex County. These and others rely on the Foundation’s Grants Committee to make decisions in the best interest of the community.

Individuals & Private Foundations

Individuals and some private foundations provide donations especially for grant making for a variety of reasons. These reasons include: helping expand the Community Foundation’s impact, trusting the Foundation’s wise allocation of their donation to worthy organizations, providing broad impact in many areas including arts, education, environment, health and human services.

We are grateful to our donors and partners who continue to make it possible for the Community Foundation of Middlesex County to support our nonprofit organizations through grants and other resources. You are Good People Doing Great Things!

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