Providing Grants, Training, Resources and Support for Non-Profits

The Community Foundation of Middlesex County is dedicated to strengthening nonprofits working within our community.

Grant making is just one facet of the many ways in which we support nonprofits. The Nonprofit Resource Center was established in 2008 to provide access to training, professional development resources, and consultations with our knowledgeable staff.

Our services include:
  • Morning Musings, one hour workshops on nonprofit management basic principles;
  • Seminars and in-depth courses on nonprofit management;
  • AFP Webinar Series with some of today’s leading fundraising professionals;
  • Listening Forums, round-table discussions with members of the CFMC Grants Committees focused on identifying and assessing the issues within our community;
  • Access to funding and grant research databases and nonprofit management resource materials at Russell Library;
  • Individual consultations and convening on specific topics and focus areas with CFMC staff.

The development of Nonprofit Resource Center and its resources is an ongoing effort, and relies on input from local nonprofit leaders to ensure that the offerings are responsive to the community’s need.

Janice Atkeson worked with nonprofit staff during a Morning Musing program on strategic planning.

Janice Atkeson worked with nonprofit staff during a Morning Musing program on strategic planning.

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Interested in a specific topic for professional development training? Suggestions of offerings and content are always welcome.


Grants Program

Grants are the primary means by which our Community Foundation improves and enhances the community. Proceeds for grants come from restricted and unrestricted endowments and donations from charitably-minded organizations and individuals.


Non-Profit Resources

The Community Foundation of Middlesex County is pleased to provide nonprofit organizations access to numerous on-line resources that may help them in their growth and management as they work to strengthen our community.

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