Marketing Your Grant
For Non-Profits

Grantee Communications and Recognition Information

Congratulations on your award. Your grant from the Community Foundation of Middlesex County (CFMC) reflects on your hard work and dedication, and the news should be shared with your community.

The downloadable 2021 CFMC Grantee Communications Kit provides guidance on the best ways to broadcast your achievements and outlines the Community Foundation’s expectations about spreading the word about your grant project.

The 2021 CFMC Grantee PR & Evaluation Workshop can be VIEWED HERE and the PowerPoint slides are available HERE.

Community Foundation Credit for News Releases

When recognizing the Community Foundation in articles, news releases, columns, and other media placements, please include the following statement about the Community Foundation:

The Community Foundation of Middlesex County is a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the quality of life in Middlesex County, and to help Good People Do Great Things. The mission of the Community Foundation of Middlesex County is to improve the quality of life for the people of Middlesex County now and in the future by developing endowments, making grants that have impact, and assisting donors in meeting their philanthropic objectives. Our interests are your interests, including animal welfare, arts and culture, health and social services, education, history, the environment, civic improvements, recreation, and economic security and opportunity. We welcome conversations with good people who want to do great things.  For more information, contact us at 860.347.0025 or

Announcements regarding grant funding can be found in the grant award letter received by the organization. Examples of references to grant funding include:

“The XYZ Organization is pleased to announce it has received a $#,### grant from the Community Foundation of Middlesex County. This grant is made possible, in part, through the XXX Fund. The XYZ Organization will use these funds to support the ABC Program …”

When talking about the grant, or in writing, or on a website, it should be stated that the program is

“The ABC Program is funded (or funded in part) through a grant from the Community Foundation of Middlesex County/XXX Fund.”

We would appreciate any copies of newspaper articles or announcements in which you have acknowledged support from our Community Foundation. We would also love to receive quality photographs and videos by email of your program for our files and possible use in our annual report and newsletters.

Logos for Grantee Use


CFMC logo is to be used in its entirety. CFMC logo shall not be cropped, recolored or altered in any manner.

Requests for alternative uses of the CFMC logo or questions about acknowledging your grant should be directed to Thayer Talbott at 860.347.0025 or

Guilford Savings Bank / Community Foundation Partnership Grant Recipients

The acknowledgement for the grants awarded in June 2021 should state:

… funded, or funded in part, by Guilford Savings Bank in partnership with the Community Foundation of Middlesex County

Both the Community Foundation logo and the Guilford Savings Bank logo should be used together where possible.

Neither logo shall not be cropped, recolored or altered in any manner.

  Download the Guilford Savings Bank logo (jpg)

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