The Legacy Society
Providing Insight & Inspiration
Marcia and Dave Kalayjian

Marcia and Dave Kalayjian

Your planned gift to the Community Foundation of Middlesex County will have meaning and impact for years to come. We honor those who have made a lasting commitment to our community by including charitable gifts to the foundation in their estate.

Those who remember the Foundation through a will, trust, designation, or other planned gift are honored members of the Community Foundation’s Legacy Society. These future gifts may be unrestricted, restricted to a specific geographic area (your home town or area), Field of Interest (The Arts, Environment, etc.) or to a designated organization.

Legacy Society members are recognized in our Annual Report, on our website, and through our donor stories, providing insight and inspiration for so many in our community.

You may always choose to remain anonymous in your philanthropy with the Community Foundation of Middlesex County. However, participation in the Legacy Society can be an inspirational experience, and may encourage others to look toward the future and how they too may have an enduring impact on the causes they care about.

Total known planned gifts total more than $20.8 million.

Known Legacy Society Members

icon_fundPlease take a look at our known Legacy Society Members. If you have already made a planned gift to our Community Foundation and not informed us, please let us know so we can add you to our list of public and anonymous members.

  • Anonymous (18)
  • Jeannette Archer-Simons and Robert E. Simons
  • Ronald S. Ashworth
  • Bonnie Bennet
  • Siegmar and Sylvia Blamberg
  • Sallie and Robert Boody
  • Marcia W. Bromberg
  • Eileen and Jerry Burke
  • Harry Eben Burr
  • Jill Butler
  • Tim Cahill
  • Jean H. and Richard Caron
  • Bill and Helen Chatman
  • Sherry and Herb Clark
  • Margaret Coe
  • Clio and Philip Coles
  • John S. D’Aquila *
  • Sally D’Aquila
  • Barbara S. Delaney *
  • Ellen G. D’Oench *
  • Russell G. D’Oench, Jr. *
  • Engelbright Estate
  • Santo Fragilio *
  • Lenny and JoAnn Goldberg
  • Ralph and Gail Gometz
  • Gary and Patricia Gomola
  • Esther and Richard Goodwin*
  • Verena Harfst
  • George Hart *
  • Beatrice Casey Holt
  • Loretta K. Ingersoll *
  • Mary Janvrin *
  • Robin Jones
  • Marcia and David Kalayjian
  • George and Phyllis Kinser
  • Robert L. Kirkpatrick, Jr.
  • Gayle Kranz
  • Phyllis Bonekemper LeMaire
  • Lisa and Lamar LeMonte
  • Sonya and Jeff Madoff
  • Arlene R. Mazzotta *
  • Edward L. McMillan *
  • Jane Stokes McMillan
  • David J. Miner and Stephanie J. (Penny) Robiner
  • Deborah L. Moore
  • Ellen Patterson *
  • Barbara and David Preston
  • Heidi Ramcke
  • Jean M. Richards *
  • Liz Petry Riley *
  • Marjorie Rosenbaum *
  • Sari * and Howard Rosenbaum
  • Dave and Eunice Royston
  • Gary and Beth Salva
  • Jean and Biff Shaw
  • Irene E. Silberstein
  • Jane Sodergren *
  • Loretta Spencer
  • Thomas H. Stickney and David Westfall
  • Elizabeth Swaim *
  • Jessie Trotta *
  • Patti Anne Vassia
  • Susan * and William Wasch
  • Kevin Wilhelm
  • Charles * and Rachel Wiltsie
  • Jan Youngblood
  • Joan S. Youngs
* Deceased and Bequest received/announced

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