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  • Essex Elementary School Outdoor Resources Project Fund

    Did you know that an outdoor classroom at a school can Improve a child’s development and encourage collaboration and teamwork? Improve a child’s physical, mental, emotional health? Boost a child’s academic performance and self-esteem? Provide practical experience for science and natural world classes? (who doesn’t love examining creepy crawlies up close and personal!) Most importantly, Read More →

  • Middlesex Enhancement Fund

    Philanthropy Matters. Philanthropy Works. Anyone can be a philanthropist at any time, in any amount. Established by the Board of Directors in 1997, the Middlesex Enhancement Fund is available to all donors to make gifts of any size. Over the years the Fund has grown substantially with memorial, anonymous and other gifts. Grant making is Read More →

  • Jack Thomas Condulis Memorial Scholarship Fund

    A passionate outdoorsman, Jack Thomas Condulis moved to Tampa, FL, to work for The Whiting-Turner Contracting Company as a Project Engineer. The location was perfect for this avid boater, fisherman, and hunter. A graduate of Clemson University with a BS in Construction Science and Management, his work with WTCC brought him into close contact with Read More →

  • Joshua T. Winslow Memorial Award Fund

    Joshua Tucker Winslow loved his family and friends, his community, working with his hands, and the water. Josh was an integral member of the shoreline community and touched the lives of many. Known as a big teddy bear, Josh appreciated all the wonderful things the shoreline community offered and the people who work every day Read More →

  • Melissa J. Schlag Good Citizenship Education Award Fund

    We are surrounded by people who, every day, are working to make our community better, stronger, and more vibrant – not just today but for generations to come. Melissa Schlag was just such a person. Melissa accomplished so much on behalf of her neighbors and her community. She was a land conservationist, an environmental advocate, Read More →

  • Mary Janvrin and Natalie Janvrin Wiggins Fund for Birds, Other Animals, and Nature

    The Community Foundation of Middlesex County (CFMC) received an early 20th anniversary gift in 2017 with news that the nonprofit organization will be the recipient of an $8 million bequest from the trust of the late Mary Janvrin. Ms. Janvrin and her pre-deceased sister Natalie Janvrin Wiggins lived quiet lives in Old Lyme. They shared Read More →

  • Education Fund

    Reading. Writing. Arithmetic. The three “R”s – and of course, add a little history, some science and a splash of art. Now you have a basic “education.” Yet an education can be so much more than that. Education provides knowledge about the world. It can pave the way for a good career, help build character, Read More →

  • Katherine and Willard McRae Fund

    Kathy and Willard have been involved with the Community Foundation since the very beginning – their love of community and belief in the ability of a group of people to address the issues and make a positive impact in the community have done so much for Middletown and Middlesex County. Willard, a founding Director of the Read More →

  • Mary C. Rawlins Educational Assistance Award Fund

    A LIFELONG COMMITMENT TO STUDENTS You hear it all the time: “Do your homework.” “Stay in school.” Study hard and you’ll be a success.” How often do you actually see someone doing more than offering these platitudes? Well, in Mary Rawlins, many students found their champion. Mary Rawlins (1929-1995), a founder of the Connecticut Association Read More →

  • Guilford Savings Bank Charitable Fund

    Community Ambassadors At Work Guilford Savings Bank and its employees are well-known for their community involvement. As we like to say at the Community Foundation of Middlesex County, “They get it.” They know that everything that happens in our community – the successes, the hardships, the good, and the difficult – affect each and every Read More →

  • Colter Abely Achievement Fund

    The Annual Colter Classic Golf Outing will be held July 15, 2019. To learn more or sponsor the event, click HERE A great attitude. A friend to everyone. An infectious smile. An excellent athlete whose passion was wrestling. A mentor and leader to those around him. These are just a few of the things people knew Read More →

  • Chris Belfoure Memorial Fund

    Christopher R. Belfoure was just 24 when he tragically died in July 2011. Yet his passions – his belief in the global community, his dedication to teaching and the environment – will be shared through the Chris Belfoure Memorial Fund at the Community Foundation of Middlesex County. A graduate of Valley Regional High School and Read More →

  • John and Irene Bolden, Sr. Educational Award Fund

    Irene and John D. Bolden, Sr., life-long residents of the Albany Community of Georgia, believed that education is key to a bright and financially secure future. Although John and Irene had limited formal education themselves, they were determined their six children, including Middletown’s own Kathy Bolden McRae, would thrive and succeed with a foundation securely Read More →

  • William and Mary Tomc Memorial Fund

    Like so many of their generation, Rich Tomc’s parents were born to immigrants. They were raised in a close-knit, working class neighborhood. The parish church was the heart of the community, and the families in those neighborhoods recognized the importance of family, hard work, and education. Rich and his siblings were raised in a strong Read More →

  • Dr. John Hennelly Fund

    Dr. John Hennelly spent his career as a leader in education, an English teacher, Language Arts Coordinator, Administrator and trusted Mentor. He joined the Middletown Public Schools (MPS) as the Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum/Instruction in 2000 and quickly became involved in many aspects of the school district and community. During his nine years at MPS, Read More →

  • Cromwell Belden Public Library Fund

    BELDEN LIBRARY ASSOCIATION ENDOWS PERMANENT DESIGNATED FUND Since its founding in 1888, the Belden Library Association was a cornerstone in creating and supporting a public library to benefit the people of Cromwell. To this day, the Library has remained an important hub of the Town of Cromwell, providing a wealth of information, services, and programs Read More →

  • Bill’s Seafood Golf Tournament Athletic Scholar Award Fund

    SHORELINE LANDMARK SUPPORTS LOCAL HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS Bill’s Seafood Restaurant is a landmark on the Connecticut shoreline. Thousands of area residents and visitors visit annually to experience the on-the-water setting to the “tune” of Westbrook’s “singing bridge”. The local (and visiting) residents have long supported Bill’s. Their loyalty is returned by the owners and staff Read More →

  • The Children’s Fund

    Betsy Morgan and Jane S. McMillan, epitomize the word “caring”. They are legendary in their passion to help the children in our county, their boundless enthusiasm and energy, and their hearts as big as Middlesex County. Betsy and Jane established The Children’s Fund with the mission to improve the lives of children (years 0 to Read More →

  • Marjorie Rosenbaum Fund

    Community and education were driving forces in Marjorie Rosenbaum’s life. A lifelong resident of Middletown and one of the original graduates of Wesleyan University’s Graduate Liberal Studies Program, Marjorie thrived in a community in which music, theater, literature, and education were prevalent. Marjorie worked with others in the community to establish and nurture programs that would Read More →