Grant Evaluation

Final Evaluation Report

Nonprofits are expected to submit a final evaluation report at the conclusion of their grant. This report should be submitted when the project is complete and/or when the grant is fully expended.

Nonprofits reporting on competitive cycle grants and other special purpose grants must include a Budget to Actual Summary as part of the evaluation report. Organizations may download the for in a Word document and complete it and submit in PDF or may submit a similar Budget to Actual document, if one is prepared by the organization as a regular part of business.

Download Budget to Actual Summary Form (MS Word)

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How it Works

To complete the evaluation form, click the button and complete the report via our website.

  • Evaluations are submitted, in the same fashion, as our application forms.
  • Organizations have the option to “Save and Continue Later” while completing the report. Organizations are strongly encouraged to copy the link provided to the open report form before clicking “Send Link.” Please note, staff is unable to access a report in progress and cannot assist in obtaining the temporary link created for an organization.
  • Organizations will receive a final copy of the report upon submission.

Evaluation Form Links

Organizations considering submitting an application in the current competitive grant cycle need to ensure all prior grant evaluations have been submitted.

General Evaluation Report

Organizations reporting on all competitive cycle awards (includes funding from Janvrin Fund, Women & Girls Fund, St. Luke’s Home Fund, ARF Fund, Guilford Savings Bank (except sponsorship awards))

General Grant Evaluation Form

Start Here

CFMC Special Funding and Donor Advised Funding Grant Report

Organizations reporting on Donor Advised grant awards, Guilford Savings Bank Sponsorship Awards, and other CFMC staff-directed grant awards

Special Funding & Donor Advised Funding Grant Form

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If you are unsure of your grant evaluation status or if your program or project is incomplete and you have questions regarding your grant evaluation, email or call Thayer Talbott, Vice President, Programs & Operations at 860.347.0025.

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