2021 CFMC-Peach Pit Foundation Special Announcement


So what’s the best way to wish everyone Happy Holidays – Happy New Year – and kick off our 25th Anniversary Celebration Year?

Why, with a very special Zoom call with our Board of Directors, CFMC Leadership Circle members, Middlesex County public libraries … and of course, our friends Jessica Griffin Scheff and Sharon Griffin of the Peach Pit Foundation!

The Leadership Circle at Community Foundation of Middlesex County is a group of donors committed to the work of CFMC in the community and who contribute annually to support CFMC’s operations. The Griffin Family, through the Peach Pit Foundation, is a longtime member of the Leadership Circle and the sponsor of the annual luncheons for the CFMC Leadership Circle. Each year, CFMC and the Griffin Family welcome Leadership Circle members at the luncheon during which members hear about the work of CFMC and have an opportunity to learn more about the impact of grants through nonprofits serving our 15 towns.

Due to on-going pandemic concerns, the annual luncheons were once again cancelled in 2021. Together, CFMC staff and the Griffin Family brainstormed another great way to honor and celebrate our Leadership Circle members and their confidence and trust in the Community Foundation. This year, members of the Griffin Family took everyone by surprise – CFMC staff, Board, Leadership Circle, and our libraries.

Not only was Peach Pit Foundation honoring their fellow CFMC Leadership Circle Members, and not only do they believe our seventeen Public Libraries are essential to our community, but they chose to kick off the Community Foundation’s 25th Anniversary Year with an added gift to the community – a $2,500 grant to each of our 17 wonderful Middlesex County Public Libraries. The grants are unrestricted – the only stipulation is for our libraries to share some kindness with the communities they serve and do something fun with the award.

The Community Foundation is honored and humbled to have great community partners, such as the Peach Pit Foundation, who choose to work through and with CFMC for our community. We are incredibly grateful to our Leadership Circle members who believe in the mission of CFMC and contribute to ensure our work continues now – and forever.

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