CFMC Virtual Chat: AI 101 with Sebastian Zimmeck, Wesleyan University


CFMC Party with a Purpose Virtual Chat Series Presents

AI 101: The Myths, The Legends, and The Every Day

AI – it’s on the news and in countless articles. Commentaries and opinions seem to appear everyday.

What is AI? Are we already using it? And the really big questions…where is it headed and what should we know?

Deciphering myth from legend from everyday reality can be overwhelming and confusing. Well, no more!

Join the Community Foundation and Sebastian Zimmeck, Wesleyan University, as we remove the science fiction from our understanding of real world AI.

Sebastian Zimmeck is an assistant professor at Wesleyan University’s Mathematics and Computer Science Department. Sebastian’s research and teaching interests are information privacy and security. He is developing privacy tech for the web and mobile app ecosystems. To help people exercise their privacy rights, Sebastian makes use of machine learning and program analysis techniques. Sebastian co-founded Global Privacy Control and is leading the privacy-tech-lab at Wesleyan.

(this presentation was recorded October 30, 2023)

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