Meaningful Mondays Episode 11 – Deep River Cares Fund

Welcome to Meaningful Mondays, the Community Foundation of Middlesex County’s (CFMC) podcast sharing stories of Good People Doing Great Things – Locally!

Episode 11 – When someone asks “what can we do for Deep River,” a special group of people knew the perfect way to connect the dots … and support their community.

Cynthia Clegg, CFMC, is joined by Nancy Fischbach and Jackie Calamari of the Deep River Cares Fund Committee who share what inspired them to start the Deep River Cares Fund at CFMC (think “A Hug for Deep River” for current and future generations), what the Fund Committee will do to support the needs of local organizations, and what’s next.

We live in a wonderful community full of remarkable individuals, businesses, and nonprofit organizations working – together – to help make Middlesex County a great place to live, work, and play. Join us and start your Monday off in a meaningful way as we talk with Good People Doing Great Things.

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