Gilead Community Services Fund

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gilead_logo-300x86Established in 2003, this fund ensures future funding diversity for this behavioral health organization and encourages staff and board members to give to this endowed fund to maximize a challenge match donation.


“We plan to continue serving individuals throughout Middlesex County for years to come. We realize the importance of an endowment as one part of a strategy to insure our long term success. What better partner to help insure this than the Foundation that shares our values and concerns. We saw the investment the Foundation was making in our community and the positive effect it was having for those individuals we serve. The exposure the Foundation provides for Gilead is significantly more far reaching than anything we could do on our own.”

Barry M. Simon, Former Executive Director
Gilead Community Services


Agency Endowment Funds are created by the nonprofits themselves to produce a revenue stream for long-term financial health and stability.