Animals: Respect and Friendship Fund

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funds_arfA new Fund has been established at the Community Foundation. The news was greeted by woofs, chirps, peeps, clucks, meows, gobbles, (and more)!

In 2008, a family of animal lovers established ARF, Animals: Respect Friendship, an endowed, community based Fund dedicated to helping animals and their human friends in Middlesex County. This family believes that we have a strong responsibility and obligation to preserve the basic dignity that comes with sharing the world with all living creatures. They also believe that pets, in particular, provide unqualified love, true companionship and, in some cases, essential services to the disabled, elderly and those in need.


“Animals: Respect and Friendship” at the Community Foundation is a charitable repository for those who love animals and want to direct contributions in support of this cause.

By building a permanent and sustainable resource, the Fund will aid local nonprofit organizations that care for animals and will fund such things as: (use paw prints as bullets)

  • Shelter and comfort
  • Training animals and people for shared gifts of companionship
  • Therapy, assistance and enjoyment
  • Rescue, protection and adoption
  • Prevention of cruelty
  • Elderly companionship
  • Services to the disabled and more

 “Animals play a vital role in our quality of life. All animals are worthy of human concern and empathy…and vice versa. As “Animals: Respect and Friendship” grows it will support many different undertakings for the benefit of all in Middlesex County.”

~ Anonymous Animal-Friendly Family