Ellsworth and Virginia Grant Fund

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funds_grantHe has been a manufacturer, mayor of West Hartford, educational film producer, and president of the Connecticut Historical Society. She was a member of the Founders of Hartford, the Colonial Dames of America, volunteered in Hartford Hospital’s emergency room, and was active in many organizations and projects including Riverfront Recapture.

It is no surprise that Ellsworth and Virginia Grant are considered life-long stewards of the Humanities and the Arts. Virginia was committed to the history of Connecticut and her connections to her community. She was an avid sailor and tennis player, spending many summers in Fenwick.

Ellsworth has long been a supporter of the Humanities and the Arts in Middlesex County, enjoying the many programs which bring beauty and richness into our lives. An avid historian in his own right, Ellsworth has penned many books and articles on Connecticut history, bringing to life the tales and facts from shipbuilding on the Connecticut River to the devastating disasters which shaped our communities to the legacy of the Colt Armory in Hartford.

Ellsworth and Virginia felt that true stewardship comes when organizations are supported both now and well into the future. Ellsworth also recognized that the Community Foundation understands the connection a donor has to the organizations and issues important to them, such as the arts, history, and the pristine beauty of our land. By establishing a designated endowed fund at the Community Foundation, the Ellsworth and Virginia Grant Fund, Ellsworth and Virginia have insured that the organizations they care most about will be taken care of for generations to come.