Santo Fragilio Middletown Public Schools Cultural Council Fund

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A Lifetime of Music Leads to A Legacy for Middletown Students

Santo Fragilio was well-known – and loved – for many reasons, but two will always stand out for those who knew him best: his joy at playing the violin and his desire to share music with his students at the Middletown Public Schools.

The Community Foundation of Middlesex County (CFMC) only knows Great People Doing Great Things, and we are always honored when our friends and supporters begin thinking about the legacy they wish to leave their community. Several years before his death, Santo was thinking about the many children he had helped at Middletown Public Schools and the wonderful guests and field trips he had helped coordinate to bring the arts into children’s lives. Working with CFMC, Santo laid the ground work for what would become his legacy for the future children of Middletown – the Santo Fragilio Middletown Public Schools Cultural Council Fund.

Santo Fragilio made music in Middletown schools since the 1930s. His music career began as a student at Macdonough School, Central School and Middletown High School. He was then hired in 1948 to be the Middletown High School band director and music instructor for grades 3 to 12. His joy at sharing music with Middletown children continued for more than 40 years. During the last few years of his life, though retired, he continued as a consultant for the Middletown Cultural Council.

A long time advocate of the cultural arts in schools, Santo was a driving force in developing and expanding fine arts programs for the Middletown Schools. His work with the cultural council included integrating fine arts into the curriculum. He saw music in every aspect of life and education, and often found ways to help students – and others in the community – understand how music was integral to all the areas of study. For example, one of his favorite demonstrations was showing how music could be used in math lessons by teaching students about the numerical systems used in musical arrangements.

Santo chose to include the Community Foundation in his estate planning and laid the ground work for his future bequest by establishing the Santo Fragilio Middletown Public Schools Cultural Council Fund. This endowed Fund will provided grants to support the Cultural Council and its programming at the Middletown Public Schools today – and forever.

It is CFMC’s honor to work with all donors and fund holders.  It is indeed an honor to see Santo’s legacy continue through the Santo Fragilio Middletown Public Schools Cultural Council Fund.