Arthur and Edythe Director Family Rushford Fund

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The Directors are legendary for their giving, known for their commitment to the community and especially to the youth in our community – the future civic and business leaders of Middlesex County.


David Director with his parents, Art and Edythe Director

Their philanthropy – their gifts of time, talent, and money – exemplify their pledge to support programs and services designed to prepare young people for their futures

Their trust in the Community Foundation of Middlesex County’s capabilities and stewardship is indicative of choosing organizations which will serve the best interests of Middlesex County. Over the years, the Director family has worked with the Community Foundation to establish funds which support organizations that work for the positive growth of young people, providing them the programs, the mentors, and the opportunities to become compassionate, thriving members of Middlesex County.

To aid the Rushford Center with its programs and initiatives to help our young people grow and prosper in positives ways.

“Young people are the future of our region. We established these funds to help our next generation of leaders.”

~ Art Director