Daniel G. Howe Memorial Fund for Gilead Community Services

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Remembering Daniel

Mental health issues impact everyone, not just those struggling with these challenges. Families, friends, colleagues, and neighbors are all touched in some way. For many families the challenges can bring heightened awareness, advocacy, and opportunities, to help others right in their own communities. Just ask Cathy and Jim Probolus of Portland.

Cathy’s nephew, Daniel Howe, grew up in New Jersey, spent time exploring the Rocky Mountains in Colorado and went on to study engineering at Cal State East Bay in San Daniel HoweFrancisco. Daniel’s life path would bring him to a passionate study of world religions and finally a career as a spiritual and life counselor. Yet, throughout this varied and adventurous life, he lived with mental health issues. His personal struggle touched his aunt and uncle, Cathy and Jim, deeply. His difficulties provided them with a deeper understanding of what so many other families face when a loved one is diagnosed with mental illness. It also lead them to reach out and give back in their own community.

Cathy and Jim became long-time supporters of and volunteers for Gilead Community Services. Their personal connection with Daniel deepened Cathy’s and Jim’s connection to and advocacy on behalf of Gilead Community Services. They truly understand the important part Gilead plays, not only in the lives of individuals battling mental illness, but in the lives of families and friends who work every day to support their loved ones and to bring attention to this issue.

Daniel recently passed away and Cathy and Jim wanted to do something to honor his life and support a local organization providing essential services and programs to the community they care so deeply for. Cathy and Jim are very familiar with the mission of the Community Foundation and its work with donors and local nonprofits. Working with CFMC, they established the Daniel G. Howe Memorial Fund for Gilead Community Services. This endowed fund will help Gilead meet the needs of their clients and their families for years to come and will honor the life’s work of an inspiring individual. Daniel will be fondly remembered by his family and his life will be honored by supporting others in mental wellness through Gilead’s good works. Thank you, Cathy and Jim, for caring.


“There are a lot of Daniels out there who need help – and if we can do something to help them, then Daniel’s memory lives on and makes an impact in the lives of Cathy Jim Probolusother families.” – Cathy Probolus, Daniel’s aunt, with her husband Jim Probolus