Ida M. Masselli Fund

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Ida was, according to everyone who knew her, incredible. Her roots were here in Middlesex County, and she instilled that love in her family. Ida also did more, much more. Ida demonstrated that one person can, indeed, make a difference. She believed that living local and giving back to your roots can – and will –make a difference.

Ida played a leading role in the local 1960 Kennedy for President Campaign, and she was an early and active supporter of the civil rights movement. She instilled a strong sense of commitment to others and equality to all in her family.

To that end, her son, Mark, and his family established two funds in her honor and loving memory, the Ida M. Masselli Fund, a donor advised endowed fund and Ida M. Masselli NAACP Scholarship Fund which will support NAACP-Middlesex County Chapter. Click here to donate to the Ida M. Masselli NAACP Scholarship Fund »