John and Irene Bolden, Sr. Educational Award Fund

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Irene and John D. Bolden, Sr., life-long residents of the Albany Community of Georgia, believed that education is key to a bright and financially secure future. Although John and Irene had limited formal education themselves, they were determined their six children, including Middletown’s own Kathy Bolden McRae, would thrive and succeed with a foundation securely built in education and faith.


Bolden Siblings – l to r front: Verdell, John, Kathy
l to r back: Robert, Veronis, Frances

Each of their children graduated with honors from Monroe High School in Albany, Georgia. They, along with their children, have pursued professions that are wide reaching and emblematic of John and Irene’s belief in the moral and financial stability provided by a solid education. The Bolden children and grandchildren are doctors, CEOs, school principals, public health administrators, teachers, builders/contractors – and vibrant, loving, committed members of their respective communities.

To honor their parents’ belief, Kathy Bolden McRae and her siblings established the Irene and John Bolden, Sr. Educational Award Fund in 2006 for qualifying graduates of Monroe Comprehensive High School, Georgia. In 2010, they worked with the Community Foundation of Middlesex County to establish the John and Irene Bolden, Sr. Educational Award Fund at the Community Foundation, which will continue the Boldens’ legacy to support graduates at Monroe Comprehensive High School, Albany, Georgia.