Live Local Give Local – N.E.A.T. Fund

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funds_neatFamily Ties Bring “The Big Easy” to Middlesex County

Dr. Gerald and Judy Cohen reside in New Orleans. They live, breathe and love the excitement of “The Big Easy”. Yet, when their son moved to Middletown in 2001, they found another city to embrace. They developed a deep love and appreciation for Middletown, its neighborhoods and its diversity.

The Cohens are community-minded people who understand the value of giving back and investing locally. They are impressed with the work of the North End Action Team (N.E.A.T.) and its members and marvel at the important work they do which enriches the lives of the people who live in the North End – and they carry out their efforts twenty-four hours and day, seven days a week.

The Cohens established the Live Local Give Local – N.E.A.T. Fund at the Community Foundation to ensure that the work of N.E.A.T. and its members continues and thrives – now and forever.