Mary C. Rawlins Educational Assistance Award Fund

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You hear it all the time: “Do your homework.” “Stay in school.” Study hard and you’ll be a success.” How often do you actually see someone doing more than offering these platitudes? Well, in Mary Rawlins, many students found their champion.

Cynthia Clegg, CFMC, with Pat Alston, CADEP

Mary Rawlins (1929-1995), a founder of the Connecticut Association of Affirmative Action Professionals (now Connecticut Association of Diversity and Equity Professionals or CADEP), was particularly interested in improving educational opportunities for minority students and encouraging them to stay in school. Some twenty years ago, she and her fellow members of CAAAP (now CADEP) established an educational grant award to support Connecticut students and encourage them to continue their education.

In 2003, recognizing Mary’s years of tireless efforts to serve underserved communities, CADEP honored Mary by naming the award she helped establish the Mary Rawlins Award. Working with the Community Foundation, CADEP established the Mary C. Rawlins Education Assistance Award Fund to continue her legacy to support students in their academic endeavors. The award is given each year to qualifying high school seniors; and CADEP believes that through this fund, Mary’s passion to help students will continue.

For more information about CADEP, the Education Award, or the application, visit the Mary C. Rawlins Award website HERE.