VRHS Trades Award Fund

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The VRHS Trades Awards acknowledges the value of the work of tradespeople and the challenges of getting established. This award is intended to aid graduating Valley Regional High School (VRHS) students who are choosing to pursue a trade, field, or business venture after graduation rather than attend a college or university.

The VRHS Class of 1982 was made up of individuals with a strong sense of community and compassion. This has continued since graduation, and the class continues to find impactful ways to engage with their community and mentor those students following in their footsteps. Recently members of the Class of 1982 began discussing ways to encourage and support those students who see a path to their future that does not include college. Many alumni entered a variety of trades after their own graduation in 1982 and are acutely aware of the challenges and hurdles that often can stand between a person and their chosen vocation.

The Class of 1982 set out to find a way to provide some financial support to graduating seniors going into the trades. Working with the Community Foundation of Middlesex County, a core group established the VRHS Trades Award Fund.  The group recognize the contribution to society that these young people are making in choosing this professional path, and they hope to support them in starting that journey. The Class of 1982 hopes that other classes will join them in building this Fund for generations to come.

Seniors attending Valley Regional High School who demonstrate positive and constructive efforts in the local community and school; demonstrate a passion for their chosen trade / field / business venture; have a vision for what they want to accomplish in the future; and are in good academic standing will be eligible for consideration. The selection process will be administered by the Valley Regional High School designated review committee.