365 Fund

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Philanthropy Matters. Philanthropy Works.
1 dollar a day ~ 365 dollars a year.
Invested in Middlesex County.

365-logo_2014What can a dollar a day do? Take $1 a day for 365 days, you have $365. Join with friends, neighbors, businesses, each bringing $365 to the table … a group of 10 creates $3,650; a group of 100 creates $36,500; and it grows and grows and grows. A dollar a day can accomplish a great deal.

Why the 365 Fund? Because anyone can be a philanthropist.

The 365 Fund allows you to leverage your dollars with others to support programs and causes you care about. The larger the fund, the greater the impact.

Through the fund you engage in philanthropy with your peers. You share what you know, and you learn about the issues facing Middlesex County and the people who work to make our community a better place.

You are encouraged to attend events to network with one another and learn about issues, programs and organizations directly affecting the communities in which we live, work and play. You vote on specific grant making programs annually from the 365 Fund.

You are encouraged to help grow the initiative by telling others, sending e-mails, and hosting get-togethers.

Because the 365 Fund is a new initiative of the Community Foundation, you, our members, have the opportunity to shape the 365 Fund into an effective tool for change in Middlesex County.

So we invite you to find out more about what a difference a $1 a day can make.

Individually we each can do something good, but together we do GREAT THINGS!