Arthur and Edythe Director Family Donor Advised Fund

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Each and every day unexpected needs arise throughout the Middlesex County community. It may be something small that requires special funds_directorfamilyattention.  It may be a larger emergency that brings a community-wide call for help. It may be an opportunity for a special donation “just because” a nonprofit organization is doing a terrific job in fulfilling its mission.

Art Director is well known for his generosity and his belief in the nonprofit organizations serving Middlesex County. So it is no wonder that he approached the Community Foundation to set up a mechanism though which he could be more responsive to the unforeseen opportunities that may arise. Working with the Community Foundation, Art established the Arthur and Edythe Director Family Donor Advised Fund. Art and his family are able to take advantage of the Community Foundation’s knowledge, network, and resources to address an issue or an opportunity as it arises, all while continuing to support the organizations which are closest to their hearts.

The Director family believes that “Good People Doing Great Things” is not just a tag line.  It is their way of life.


Art with his daughter Judy, son David and Carol, and grandson Todd and Grace at the CFMC Beacon of Philanthropy Award Reception in 2015