Griffin Family Fund

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Supporting the Community Foundation can take many forms. The Griffin Family of Durham has found countless ways to support the Community Foundation of Middlesex County, including being our cheerleaders and promoting the work CFMC does throughout the county. The Griffin family established a Donor Advised Endowed Fund at Community Foundation of Middlesex County in 2010. Endowed funds provide for the future as well as today, and this fund meets the Griffins’ investment in Middlesex County, highlighting both their desire to share the purpose of charitable giving with their children and with future generations.


The Griffins had yet another purpose in mind: the importance of teaching the next generation the benefits and joys of philanthropy. Hence the name of the Fund: The Griffin Family Endowed Fund. The Griffins state that by exposing their children to giving back and encouraging them to participate in the philanthropic decisions, the next generation of Griffins will be invested in the community in which they live, work and play. They truly will actively care and share their parent’s belief that “PHILANTHROPY MATTERS. PHILANTHROPY WORKS”.

“The joy you get from that “Giving Back” is overwhelming. It adds so much to our lives, as well as to the programs.” Sharon Griffin