Interfaith Community Circle of Leadership Fund

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Golf is a Game of Faith… (and a little bit of practice, of course)… on so many levels

If you’re a golfer, you know that it takes faith that your next round will be good – even great. If you’re not a golfer, you probably know a golfer and understand that at the heart of every round is not only those great shots, but also the camaraderie generated both during and after the round. Yet what everyone understands – whether a golfer or a friend – is that golf takes commitment, passion, and a belief that each game will provide a new story to share.

Dave Director Riz Rizzo Marc Levin Dave OBrien

Interfaith Open Golf Committee members David Director, Rosario “Riz” Rizzo, Marc Levin, and David O’Brien

Well, this is the new story to share – all because of the love of the game and community.

Two decades ago, some friends and business colleagues decided to use their love of golf and their commitment to community to make a difference. St. Mary’s Parish, Portland, and Congregation Adath Israel, Middletown, established the Interfaith Open Golf Tournament, creating an opportunity to play golf and raise money – together – to support their faith organizations and nonprofit organizations working in our community, while also creating an environment to improve cultural understanding.

This group of caring individuals and friends, colleagues, local businesses and fellow golfers is legendary for its generous ways. Over the years the tournament proceeds have supported health and human services organizations working in our community. The Interfaith Open Golf Tournament was a founding member of the Community Foundation of Middlesex County’s Council of Business Partners Fund and continues to support the No Bully Zone program and Campaign for Bully-Free Communities Initiative, ensuring our youth grow up in a positive, supportive community.

Fast forward to 2015. The Interfaith Open Golf Tournament has grown to an event that sells out almost overnight, and the organizing committee decided to take the next step in their community philanthropy. With a portion of the proceeds of the 2015 tournament, they establish the Interfaith Community Circle of Leadership Fund. The Fund honors the efforts, leadership, and values of a special community of champions and has been established in honor of Buzzy Levin, Art Director, Gene Sullivan, Dick Carella, and Irwin Sitkin –  individuals who know that a community of faith and a game of golf have a lot in common –  the ability to do the right thing and help others. The Fund will benefit nonprofit organizations working to develop and guide future leaders, instilling in our youth a passion for and a commitment to community.

The Community Foundation of Middlesex County is incredibly lucky to know so many individuals who are quiet and unassuming, humble and generous. The Interfaith Community Circle of Leadership Fund established by a circle of leaders who look for every opportunity to do more – give more, is, we think, A Hole In One!