Williams-Rosen Memorial Fund for Veterans

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Greg Kalkreuth is very much like many young people in their 20’s – he works hard, spends time with friends and family, saves for the future and generally enjoys all that life has. Greg is so very grateful for all that he has and can do, and he wanted to find a way to give something back. He began talking with his mother who worked for the Community Foundation for many years. She talked about the many Funds started by people who wanted to make a difference, what they support and how to get involved … but nothing truly resonated for Greg.

Amidst all of this discussion, the conversation gravitated to the courageous men and women serving their country around the world and the sacrifices they make. This, in turn, brought to mind previous generations of Greg’s own family who had served their country and how life had changed for veterans who came back to their home communities, and the difficulties they face.

Greg decided he wanted to do something to support veterans returning to Middlesex County, to show them that someone cares and appreciates all they have given in their service to our country.

funds_veterans02He knew he also wanted to honor the memory of his great uncle, Nelson D. Williams and his grandfather, John E. Rosen, Jr. both of whom served in the armed forces in World War II. Nelson D. Williams, a corporal in the United States Marines, was the youngest brother of Greg’s paternal grandmother, and was killed on Iwo Jima at 18 years old. Greg’s paternal grandfather, Lieutenant Rosen, served as an air force bomber pilot in Italy with the 461st Bomb Group.

Greg established the Williams-Rosen Memorial Fund for Veterans. This Donor Advised Fund will support veterans in Middlesex County. Greg hopes that this Fund will encourage others in the Middlesex County community to support the men and women who so courageously serve around the world.