Wiltsie Family Fund

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Rachel Wiltsie is no stranger to the Community Foundation. She, and her late husband, Chuck, believed in giving back. They felt so blessed and had a strong desire to share their good fortune with those in need. They found a way to put their hearts and passions into action by starting a fund in 2001 at the Community Foundation.

Ten years later, Rachel discovered that the next two generations of Wiltsie Family were interested in continuing the legacy of giving that she and Chuck started. While she has long been an advocate for those who are less fortunate in Middlesex County, she understands that each person has a passion, something deep within that moves them to make great things happen in our community. She worked with the Community Foundation to establish the Wiltsie Family Fund, an unendowed donor advised fund which will include her family in the giving decision making.

Rachel is demonstrating that philanthropy for the Wiltsie Family is truly a “family affair.”