Education Fund

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Reading. Writing. Arithmetic. The three “R”s – and of course, add a little history, some science and a splash of art. Now you have a basic “education.”

Yet an education can be so much more than that. Education provides knowledge about the world. It can pave the way for a good career, help build character, and lay the foundation for a stronger community.

An anonymous donor approached the Community Foundation with a passion – provide funding support for programs and services serving people of low to moderate income to achieve economic success through education. That passion resulted in the Endowed Fund for Education, a Fund through which the community could work together, leveraging their gifts with others to support individuals and families with opportunities to achieve success.

Their hope is that this fund will provide support to programs ranging from literacy to after school tutoring and mentoring, college and career exploration, youth employment, adult learning, parent engagement and leadership education, employment skills training, financial literacy education, and more.

“Our goal is to give children and families at the bottom of the economic ladder the tools and support they need to succeed economically and achieve their dreams.”

The Education Fund is an investment in our children and adults today – and in the future – ensuring a vibrant, successful community.

You’re never too old to take on tech – Cromwell Senior Center created an iPad bar and technology classes for their members.