Essex Elementary School Outdoor Resources Project Fund

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Did you know that an outdoor classroom at a school can

  • Improve a child’s development and encourage collaboration and teamwork?
  • Improve a child’s physical, mental, emotional health?
  • Boost a child’s academic performance and self-esteem?
  • Provide practical experience for science and natural world classes? (who doesn’t love examining creepy crawlies up close and personal!)

Most importantly, outdoor classrooms provide children an opportunity to connect with the natural world and connect with their own unique learning methods and approaches.

The Essex Elementary School Parent Teacher Organization (EES PTO) has a goal – build an outdoor classroom at Essex Elementary to enhance our children’s learning experience. The new outdoor classroom will allow students and the entire EES community a way to enjoy the benefits of being outside while also providing a space that is more welcoming and conducive to teaching and learning.

But they need the community to help make this vision a reality.

Working with the Community Foundation, EES PTO has established the Essex Elementary School Outdoor Resources Project Fund at CFMC. This type of Fund is perfectly suited for such a vision – the Fund provides community members to make charitable donations to support the project – from building materials to desks, chairs, and other essential teaching equipment.

Project Timeline:

  • Fundraising has started (January 2022).
  • The entire outdoor classroom project has a projected completion date of Summer 2023.

The Community Foundation of Middlesex County is honored to work with community volunteers committed to envisioning a better future for our youth.

Thank you for Helping Good People Do Great Things in Essex!