Middletown Women’s HerStory Leadership Fund

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We are surrounded by amazing, outstanding, remarkable, trailblazing women in our community. These are women who mentor and who share and who lead; these are women who step forward to serve their communities; and these are women who appreciate those who have helped forge the path before them and who are committed to helping young women who will come after them.

Representative Kai Belton is just such a woman. Kai has spent her life surrounded by women (and men) who provided guidance and advice along the way – and on occasion, just a little push to help her take the next step in her incredible career. Whether she is providing guidance and services in her social services and nonprofit professional life or standing up for her community in her position of state legislator or joining in the joy of her faith community, Kai is cognizant that she, too, is a leader and a mentor to those around her, and she chose to use that position to help make a difference in her community.

Kai had an idea of what she wanted to accomplish but she wasn’t quite sure how to bring that idea into reality. Working with the Community Foundation, she has established the Middletown Women’s HerStory Leadership Fund, a scholarship Fund which will provide an annual award to a graduating Middletown High School girl who demonstrates leadership potential and a commitment to creating a positive impact in our community. Kai’s goal is to support and encourage young women to follow their passions and aspirations, no matter the field, whether it is STEM or the arts and humanities or business or social sciences.