Phyllis M. McDowell Fund

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Phyllis McDowell humbly and quietly will tell you she started her career in volunteerism because she had nothing to do. She just had too much time on her hands and too much energy to waste. Phyllis, a resident of Chester and Fenwick, believes that helping others – and everything around you – is an obligation and a privilege.

Her “volunteer career” began in New Haven. Phyllis founded Fellowship Place which went on to become highly recognized for its pioneering ways of treating mental health patients through art therapy, vocational training and by fostering an open and welcoming environment for socializing.

Phyllis still serves on the board of Fellowship Place and yet she still seems to have energy to spare. Now she has set her sights on another avenue to channel her passions and enthusiasm – the environment.

Inspired by the beauty of Middlesex County and still believing that we can all make a difference, she established the PHYLLIS M. MCDOWELL FUND, a Field of Interest Endowed Fund, to ensure that our region’s natural resources are enhanced, not diminished, and that Middlesex County remains a unique area to enjoy – and to live, work, play and treasure. Now and forever.

We are grateful to Phyllis for working through the Community Foundation to truly make a difference.