SOS Trees

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We sit under them for shade. We glory in their beauty throughout the New England seasons. But have you ever considered all the various ways our tree canopy aids our community?

SOS Trees (“Save Our Shade”) is a group of Old Saybrook residents committed to raising awareness about the importance of the tree canopy and assisting residents and businesses in planting and maintaining our trees in Old Saybrook.

Trees and shrubs are vitally important to our collective health and quality of life  – they:

  • help conserve energy in summer and winter.
  • clean the air.
  • provide important nesting habitats, food, and cover for birds.
  • hold the soil in place and reduce polluted runoff.

Trees and shrubs can even help increase property values.

The SOS Trees group has two main goals – 1) raise awareness about the protection, preservation, and planting of trees and shrubs and 2) host a free tree/shrub giveaway in Old Saybrook each spring and fall. The give away will be open to Old Saybrook residents and businesses. You can help share trees and education programs by supporting the SOS Trees Fund at CFMC.