Arthur and Edythe Director Family Field of Interest Fund for Human Services

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Immediate Issues and Immediate Support

Art Director and his family leave nothing to chance. Art is a planner, someone who sees a need and gets things done with attention to every
detail. Art has a long history of working with the Community Foundation, thus impacting his community in a funds_directorfamilypositive way. He and his family have been able to take advantage of the Community Foundation’s knowledge, network, and resources to address specific issues and needs while continuing to support the organizations which are closest to their hearts.

Art is very aware of the work the health and human services organizations are doing to improve our community, to provide individuals opportunities to achieve safety and security. He wanted to support local organizations providing basic human services– food, shelter, mental and physical health services, employment, opportunities for self-improvement – and provide a safety-net to help them help our neighbors.

Working with the Community Foundation, Art and his family established the Arthur and Edythe Director Family Field of Interest Fund for Human Services. This Fund provides the ability to respond to needs in our backyard, it offers the opportunity to address the basic human needs that affect the health and well-being of our community.

Art and his family, 2015

Art and his family, 2015

Art’s devotion to helping others through the Community Foundation is legendary and amazing. This Fund is the eighth he and his family have established.

Now that’s Philanthropy in action!