Chester Leadership Fund

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Community is the cornerstone of what makes all the towns in Middlesex County great places to live, work, and play!

A group of residents of Chester are committed to ensuring that the community is able to respond to issues, needs, and services that have the greatest impact for the benefit of their neighbors. Together, working with the Community Foundation of Middlesex County, they established the Chester Leadership Fund.

An Advisory Committee has been established to aid in identifying and responding to the needs of Chester. The community members establishing the Fund worked together to develop a Roles & Responsibilities document for the Fund and its Committee:

  • Advisory Committee members reflect the residents of Chester, is inclusive, and undertake the work in a participatory way.
  • Committee members may be residents of Chester or non-residents who work in Chester.
  • Committee membership will be up to seven individuals with term limits, to ensure the opportunity for interested individuals to participate.
  • The Committee will work in conjunction with the ReOpen Chester Group to prioritize projects for funding and ensure that distributed funds have the greatest impact for the benefit of Chester residents.
  • The Committee will develop, promote, and implement community outreach initiatives to expand and grow the Fund.
  • The Fund and its Committee will operate separately and independently from municipal government entities.