Mental Wellness Fund

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Together, we can support and promote mental wellness with meaningful action.

Mental health issues affect so many in our communities – either directly or indirectly – and we all can take steps to make mental wellness the goal for our communities. An anonymous donor took the lead on this issue Compassion Counts 2015 imagein 2014 following the first of a series of open community forums on mental wellness and mental health issues. This donor understood that the best way our community is going to address mental health issues is by doing to together.

Working with the donor, the Community Foundation established the Mental Wellness Fund, a Fund specifically focused on promoting and pooling the resources collaborations, partnerships and other groups may need as the community works on this issue.

The “Compassion Counts” Conversations are a series of forums bringing community members, mental health professionals, and panelists together to open a dialogue and explore mental health issues and services in our communities today.

All proceeds of this Fund will support the effort to continue the compassionate conversations throughout Middlesex County. Let’s keep the dialogue going.

Recently CBS produced a live event, “Stop the Stigma: A Conversation About Mental Health,” discussing the stigma which still exists around mental health. You can view that program HERE.