Sari A. Rosenbaum Fund for Women & Girls

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fund_women01Can women helping women really make a difference?

Absolutely! Many of us now find ourselves in a position to help others.

We are an untapped resource.

We can take the initiative and direct our charitable dollars to help generations of women and girls to live independent and productive lives.

Our philanthropy is at work right here in Middlesex County – where we live, work and play.

Never underestimate the power of women!

In 2002, a group of concerned Middlesex County women banded together to create the Fund for Women & Girls, an endowed fund of the Community Foundation of Middlesex County.

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Over the years, women have come together to support programs and services, building a legacy for generations to come.

Honoring the foresight and leadership of one of its founding members, the Community Foundation’s Board of Directors approved renaming the fund in 2011 – Sari A. Rosenbaum Fund for Women & Girls.

Why is the Fund needed?

  • Women working full time earn 80.5% of what men earn working full time.
  • Women and girls represent 78% of the nation’s poor and women represent 72% of the elderly poor.
  • Women are more likely than men to face the indignity of domestic abuse, inadequate housing and sub-standard health care.
  • Despite the critical need, less than 6% of charitable giving goes to programs targeted to women and girls.

Gifts to the Sari A. Rosenbaum Fund for Women & Girls support programs that empower Middlesex County women and girls to be self-reliant and reach their potential.

Take a look at what your gifts – together with your friends and neighbors – have made possible over the years:

Grant Awards 2002 to Present

Because of you, Maria had the courage to make a change in her life – read her story HERE

An Uncanny Gift of Inspiring Others – the Legacy of Sari A. Rosenbaum

“Sari was a driving force for good and beauty.

A wife, mother, sister, grandmother, she sustained us.

A community activist, she inspired us.

A friend and mentor, she supported and guided us.

A consummate wit and storyteller, she kept us laughing.

Through our shared memories, she lives in our hearts and actions and will forever enrich our lives.”

– Julia Rosenbaum

fund_women02How true these words of Sari’s daughter, Julia. Sari Rosenbaum was a presence in the lives of all who knew her, and in the lives of those who did not. She believed in community, in the power of a community to create beauty and friendship, to support its members, and to establish a legacy for generations to come through the good works individuals do every day. Sari’s commitment to the Middlesex County community is broad and permanent, found in numerous organizations and businesses.

In 2011 the Board of Directors chose to honor Sari’s commitment to the community she loved so much by renaming the Fund she helped to establish at the Community Foundation she served. The Fund for Women & Girls became the Sari A. Rosenbaum Fund for Women & Girls.