Tooth Fairy Fund

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At the Community Foundation of Middlesex County we say each and every day that “we only know Good People Doing Great Things.”

It’s so true and we never take our friends and neighbors or the great things they do for granted – and we know that you don’t either.

Allow us to introduce to you our special “Tooth Fairy” and the “Tooth Fairy Fund.” One very special individual with a heart of gold believes that every child deserves a beautiful, healthy smile. This individual knew that not only is dental health important for a child’s physical well-being, but a beautiful smile builds confidence, a positive self-image, and much, much more. Oh how true!

Now, allow us to introduce you to Kaley, or more specifically, Kaley’s smile. (Look closely at the silver lines – those define the perfect teeth the Tooth Fairy Fund made possible.) Kaley is a fourth grader and, unfortunately, she was hit by a flying toy car – all an accident and nothing malicious. Chipped teeth are not covered by insurance that social service agencies use to manage the costs of dental care. Enter the Tooth Fairy Fund and the rest is a smile that’s worth millions and that says it all!

Kaley participated in a program that asked students to demonstrate what they are grateful for using colors they love. Just look at the results! We think you’ll agree that our anonymous “Tooth Fairy” is magical, caring, and extraordinary.

We believe in Tooth Fairies and Good People Doing Great Things and we know you do, too!

Thank you for making SMILES with your kind and generous gift!